Cheryl Lindsey raises the bar at Courtenay Springs Village

Cheryl Lindsey raises the bar at Courtenay Springs Village

When Cheryl Lindsey became food manager at Courtenay Springs Village in Merritt Island, FL she knew there was room for improvement in food sanitation. Recent ACHA surveys showed a number of citations due to lack of proper procedures and personal hygiene issues.

Cheryl immediately put new cleaning procedures into effect and ordered the repair of faulty equipment. She also provided the staff with better kitchen tools so they could properly carry out their jobs.

Training came next. Cheryl firmly believes in the importance of each staff member understanding the reason for each and every procedure. “If it doesn’t make sense, people usually just won’t do it,” says Cheryl. BSN Solutions provided a Food Safety Management manual and helped with training classes for the staff. Safety training is now ongoing.

BSN Solutions consultants also helped the staff prepare for their next ACHA survey, implementing kitchen inspections and mock surveys. The results of all these efforts? Courtney Springs Village received a citation-free survey, and even better, overall staff morale was boosted considerably. Most importantly, residents are now assured of safe food while enjoying a greatly improved dining environment.

Three cheers for the team at Courtenay Springs Village!

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