About Diane Hall

About Diane Hall

A champion for seniors and their nutritional needs

Diane Hall has always had a heart for older adults. It’s why senior nutrition became her life-long vocation and unquenchable passion. And it is why she is now regarded as a visionary and leader in this rapidly evolving field. An expert consultant and nationally recognized speaker, Diane is a powerful advocate for the new dining standards that have resulted from the shift in the culture of long term care. Diane firmly believes that giving people greater freedom to decide when, where and what they will eat leads to more independence and improved health outcomes.

From the beginning, person-directed values and practices have been the core of Diane’s business. Focusing on dining enrichment in assisted living and nursing home settings has been her business model. Balancing choices of diets with care led her to develop the manual, The Inside Scoop on Informed Choice – A Step-by-Step Guide to Individualizing Diets.

A registered dietitian and licensed nursing home administrator, Diane remembers fondly how her grandmother inspired her to pursue a career in dietetics.

“Grammy taught me that food is linked with feelings and memories. That’s why my goal is to offer older adults meal choices that are comforting and meaningful.”

Over the years, Diane has been on the cutting edge of long-term nutritional care, earning respect in her field by staying current on changing federal and state regulations. For nearly 40 years, her passion and the company’s primary focus have been balancing quality of life with quality of care. She is well known in the industry for her integrity and accessibility, working tirelessly on behalf of older adults. With people living longer and desiring to remain independent, Diane and the consultants at BSN Solutions encourage their LTC customers to implement dining practices that provide safe, nourishing meals that enrich both the soul and the body.

Diane has served as member, board member or volunteer leader of: Florida Pioneer Network, Pioneer Network National Dining Practice Standards Task Force, Florida Dietetics in Health Care Communities, Space Coast District of the Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Florida Health Care Association, East Central Alzheimer’s Association and Brevard Community Services Council.

Licensed Dietitian: ND #1301 of State of Florida
Registered Dietitian: # 559602 of American Dietetic Association
Registered ServSafe Proctor and Certified ServSafe Instructor
Licensed Nursing Home Administrator: NH #2508 of State of Florida