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Survey Preparedness

Take your next survey before inspectors drop in.

Don’t like surprises? We’ll give you a peek at your next survey results — before the inspectors drop in. That’s the BSN Solutions experience.

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What’s it like to have ZERO CITATIONS?
Ask our clients how they felt when they received a clean report. The food safety and dining services experts at BSN Solutions are relentless in preparing you for your surveys using our Survey Management Tools. With BSN Solutions experience working for you, you’ll get the AHCA survey results you need to remain competitive.
Join our growing list of dietary deficiency-free clients including:

  • Avante’ Orlando
  • Life Care of Palm Bay
  • Avante’ of Melbourne
  • Courtenay Spring Village
  • The Palms Rehab & Healthcare Center
  • Atlantic Health Care
  • Laurel Pointe

Access a dietitian by phone during your survey – at no extra cost! Now that’s peace of mind.

“BSN Solutions was a great resource during our survey preparedness. We passed survey without any kitchen citations! “
Donna Wildes, NHA, Administrator – Laurel Pointe Health & Rehabilitation

Will You Be Ready for Your Next Survey?
One of the big takeaways from the new CMS guidelines is the shift in focus to what matters most to people living in LTC communities and away from institutionalized thinking that focuses on what’s easiest for the staff. In fact, if communities simply focus on creating dining care plans that provide people with choices of meals and snacks that they want, they will go a long way towards meeting the final rule guidelines and avoiding citations. Find out if the staff in your community is putting the resident front and center in the discussion of what matters to them most.

Mock inspections for pre-survey audit
Schedule a Mock Survey for an objective evaluation of the food service, dining and clinical areas in your building. Due to BSN Solutions’ expertise in interpreting the guidelines, we offer a more comprehensive snapshot of your food and dining services.
One of our experienced consultants will walk you through the entire process and provide you with a written report and action plan for remediation. A lot has changed in the CMS Final Rule Guidelines, and we’ve got the inside scoop to share with you.

Let’s Chat About Your Survey.

Schedule a Complimentary Consult

Five Star Ratings Matter Now More than Ever
The surge of baby boomers has begun, and these folks have different expectations when it comes to LTC communities. They are likely to start their decision-making process by visiting Nursing Home Compare, the government website that shows the ratings of nursing homes. These ratings are broken down into three weighted categories: annual health inspections, staffing and quality measures, with outcomes of the health inspections accounting for over half of the overall rating. That’s why compliance to CMS requirements is so incredibly important. Deficiencies, especially recurring ones, can have a huge impact on those precious stars you worked so hard to get.

A Mock Survey Can Uncover Deficiencies, so You Can Correct Them — Before Surveyors Issue a Citation and Ding Your Ratings.

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True or False? Tube Feeding helps to prevent aspiration pneumonia.

Food for thought

Feeding tubes have not been shown to reduce the risk of aspiration or prolong survival in residents with end stage dementia. No interventions consistently prevent aspiration and no tests consistently predict who will develop aspiration pneumonia. (Irene Campbell-Taylor, MB, ChB, PhD;Oropharyngeal Dysphagia in Long-Term Care: Misperceptions of Treatment Efficacy)

‘The assessment and management of patients in long term care who have oropharyngeal dysphagia has developed into an apparently complex and distinct field of practice. It is unfortunate that it lacks an evidence base, the efficacy of treatment is not established, and many clinicians are unfamiliar with appropriate and effective interventions because of a lack of training. Some commonly used interventions are not only ineffective but potentially hazardous. Physicians must become more familiar with the assessment process and appropriate management.‘ (J Am Med Dir Assoc 2008;9: 523–531)