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Our Expert Team

Now, more than ever, it’s your responsibility to give your residents choices about what, when, and where they eat—as long as you regularly discuss the risks and benefits of those choices. Our team of experts is here to help in the ongoing challenges of person-directed dining so you can be confident you’re in compliance with the current Standards of Practice as well as CMS regulations and guidance.

We look forward to working with you.

Diane Hall, President/CEO

Diane Hall

Diane Hall has always had a heart for older adults. It’s why senior nutrition became her lifelong vocation and unquenchable passion. And, it is why she is now regarded as a visionary and leader in this rapidly evolving field. An expert consultant and nationally recognized speaker, Diane is a powerful advocate for the new dining standards that have resulted from the shift in the culture of long-term care. For her, it’s not just a trend. It’s her life. Learn more about Diane.

Gail Douglas, RD, LDN – Regional Director

Gail Douglas

Gail joined BSN Solutions as a Regional Director in March of 2013. Her role is to promote the adoption of the new dining standards and person-centered dining throughout the communities serviced by BSN Solutions. She also recruits, coordinates placement of, and supports the dietitian consultants who work with BSN Solutions in its client communities. Gail has a vast 30+ year background in long-term care, having worked within skilled nursing and rehab centers in clinical and management capacities. She holds a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Nutrition.

Cynthia L. Blackburn, MS, RD, LD/N

Cynthia L. Blackburn

Cindy has her Master’s degree in Nutrition/Dietetics and has been a consultant to healthcare facilities since 1979. Her experience in long-term care includes developing partnerships with food service directors, administrators, DONs and dietary staff members, and then implementing the nutrition care processes that meet their missions. Cindy considers herself an educator first, teaching the principles of foods and nutrition to maintain health in older adults. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Dietitians in Health Care Facilities Practice Group.

Mary Pinto, Senior Consultant – Survey, Training and Recruiting Services

Mary Pinto has 40 years of nutritional and dietitian experience, most recently as AHCA surveyor, enforcing state and federal regulations regarding sanitation, infection control and nutrition.

She has served in a wide range of organizations, including the US Army Reserve 324th Combat Support Hospital as Dining Facility Officer and Field Sanitation Instructor. There, she supervised and trained 29 cooks and three dietitians, directed the budget and all sanitation for the Nutrition Care Unit. As Chief Clinical Dietitian at Farview State Hospital and Scranton State General Hospital, she took special pleasure in counseling patients on the importance of regular and therapeutic diets, in addition to her regular duties of menu planning and staff management. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Mary always aspired of becoming a registered Dietitian. After serving her country in the Navy during the Vietnam War, she realized that dream and has been unstoppable ever since.

At BSN Solutions, Pinto will be performing mock surveys for clients to prepare them for a citation-free survey and will be heavily involved with food safety training programs. She will also recruit and train dietitians and dietary managers. She will be a regular contributor to our blogs, writing about updated CMS regulations, therapeutic diets and nutrition. She is a member of 11 dietitian and nutrition organizations.

She currently resides with her husband of more than 50 years in Marco Island, Florida.

Chef James Read, CDM, CFPP

Chef James Jae Read, CDM, CFPP, is a native of Florida. He earned a certification from the University of Florida in Nutritional Therapy and has been working as a Dietary Manager in long-term health care for over a decade.  Whether supporting patients, clients or kitchen staff, Chef James remains dedicated to his belief that everyone deserves to eat meals made with quality ingredients, proper cooking methods and appealing presentation.

His passion for food preparation began during his service with the US Navy, where he travelled the Mediterranean, learning local culinary terms and ingredients. He sought out cooks and shop owners to talk about their special methods and recipes. It was during that time that he discovered that the essence of cooking was not the food itself. Making meals that were nutritionally balanced and fun to eat while providing an unforgettable dining experience became his sole focus.

Upon returning to civilian life James set his sights on the Culinary Institute of America in New York, where he earned his chef credentials. Since 2006, Chef James has been teaching his trade to others, sharing his passion and expertise in culinary technique.

Karen Applebee, RD, LDN

Karen Applebee

Karen has worked as a clinical dietitian since 1995 with experience in long-term care and sub-acute areas. She likes knowing she can make a difference in the lives of older adults through nutritional interventions which can enhance their recovery and life. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Amy Komarnicki, CDM

Amy Komarnicki

Amy is a certified Dietary Manager and Food Protection Professional with experience in the healthcare field since 1997. She has in-depth knowledge of healthcare food-service operations at all levels, demonstrating proficiency in staffing, training and development, budgeting, and management. Amy loves working with the elderly and helping them to understand nutrition. She is a member of the Association of Nutrition & Food-service.

Shawna Field, MS, RD

Shawna Field

Shawna has her Master’s of Science in Dietetics & Nutrition and has worked in long term care nutrition since 2006.

Adam Ferguson, DTR

Adam has a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and began his career as a Registered Dietetic Technician in 2011. Food is his passion and he enjoys helping someone in the long-term care community who may need just a little extra help with nutrition. He is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is studying to become a Registered Dietitian.

Lynette Barberie, DTR

Lynette Barberie

Lynette is a Registered Dietetic Technician who has been on BSN Solutions’s long-term care team since 2003, specializing in comprehensive nutrition assessment, care planning, and risk charting. She shows great compassion for older adults because she loves meeting new people, learning their individual stories, and helping them feel better through improved nutrition. Lynette is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as well as the American and Space Coast Dietetic Associations.

Liz Addington

Liz has worked as a support person for BSN Solutions since 1999. Her 20+ years’ experience in data communications is essential for her job of monitoring resident weights for BSN Solutions.

Sue Holland, DTR

Sue Holland

Sue has worked as a CDM and a Registered Dietetic Technician since 1975. Working with seniors makes her happy because of the wealth of knowledge they have to share. She has been a member of the BSN Solutions team since 1996. Sue is a member of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as the Space Coast Dietetic Association.

Donna Robinson-Brownlee, RD,LD

Donna has over 19 years’ experience in Senior Nutrition and is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.