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Enhancing your Dining Services under the new guidelines begins with the resident and their dining experience, learn how to interview your residents to find out what they really think about your dining services. You might be surprised by what they have to say.

To help you, we want to offer a tip sheet on how to successfully interview a resident and find out how your dining staff is doing through the eyes of the people they’re serving.

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Elevate your food and dining program to increase resident satisfaction at your senior living community

"The hospitality industry has always striven for customer satisfaction. It’s the key to their success. The long-term care industry has always focused first on providing positive health outcomes. But times have changed with the baby boomer generation entering care communities. Their expectations are higher and successful providers must adopt a hospitality-first mindset to ensure resident satisfaction."

Diane Hall, President, BSN Solutions

Our team of nursing home administrators, senior dietitians, food service managers and chefs can create a plan that meets your individual needs.

Plans can include any of the following:

  • Hospitality and overall dining experience assessment
  • Regulatory compliance audit
  • Operations audit focused on lowering costs
  • Procedures for improving food quality and delivery consistency
  • Methods for promoting cross-departmental collaboration
  • Processes for engaging staff and improving retention
  • Person-directed dining enhancements
  • Cost-saving programs for reducing commercial supplement use

Let’s face it. Customer satisfaction starts with memorable meals.
Food is at the heart of any senior living community. BSN Solutions offers a selection of highly rated menu packages for ALFs and nursing homes. Eliminate food complaints and enhance ratings by making your meals more appealing and meaningful.

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