3-Day Emergency Menu for ALFs and Nursing Homes

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Imagine not having an emergency menu and figuring out how to put together a meal while you are wearing a headlamp trying to sort through your food supplies. This can be quite a challenge in the event of an emergency such as when a hurricane knocks out your kitchen operation with a windy punch.

Planning ahead with a simple three-day menu makes it easy to concentrate on delivering a meal that is tasty and nutritious under less than ideal circumstances.

The advantages of having an emergency menu and supplies in advance are:

You can choose the most nutritional, nonperishable menu items that satisfy the majority of people in your care.
You lessen the number of food supplies you need to order and store, making it easier to put meals together in a systematic way under difficult conditions.

If you work at an assisted living facility, you’re required to have a three-day supply of food, making this simple three-day repeatable menu a wonderful tool to make that happen. For those of you working in skilled nursing facilities, your requirements are different in that you have to have a seven-day supply of food for your residents. This three-day emergency menu works well for nursing homes since all you have to do is order enough food to meet the seven-day requirement and repeat the menu again if necessary.

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