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Person Directed Dining, Informed Choice

Person-Directed-Dining Developing dining processes that put the desires of residents first. … Read More »

7 simple steps for resident centered care planning

An inspirational poem by a senior

Best practices for individualized diets

Checking food service requirements by f tags

Handy guide for conducting food committee meeting

How person centered care benefits 5 star rating

Informed choice made easy

Interviewing residents effectively

Learn about diabetes care plans from these case studies

Learning how your language affects residents in long term care

New dining standards for diet liberalization condensed

Rating hospitality and dining services

Recording residents dining preferences

Residents rights in a declaration of dining independence

Survey for resident council to create menus they want to eat

Surveying residents to find areas to improve dining services

Surveying staff to improve dining services

Tallying the number of residents dissatisfied about their dining experience

The surprising evidence about restricted diets

Understanding the characteristics of three types of patients

Using a learning circle

Artifacts of Culture Change for dining practices


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