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Regulatory Compliance

Understanding the current CMS rules and regulations. CMS Final Rule … Read More »

CMS Final Rule F 813 food from outside

CMS Final Rule Food and Nutrition 6 17 20

CMS Final Rule Guide What's Changed

CMS Final Rule Resident Rights 6 6 2017

CMS Operations Manual §483. (Appendix-PP-Guidance to Surveryors), rev 11_22_2017

CMS-Dining Observation Form 20053- 2018

CMS-Kitchen Observation Form 20055-2017

CMS-Hydration Critical Element Pathway 20092-2017

CMS-Nutrition Critical Element Pathway Form 20075-2017

CMS-Pressure-Ulcer Critical Element Pathway- Form 20078-2017

CMS-Tube-Feeding Critical Element Pathway Form 20093- 2017

  Understanding the current Florida rules and regulations.

Florida Certification Requirements for ALFs w 11 or more residents

FL Administrative Code 58A-5, Assisted Living Communities, July 2020

59-A Florida Administrative Code, Minimum Standards for Nursing Homes

59A-4.110 Florida Administrative Code, Dietary Services

59A-4.126 Florida Administrative Code, Disaster Preparedness

59A-36.011 Florida Administrative Code, Staff Training Requirements and Competency Test

59A-36.012 Florida Administrative Code, Food Service Standards

64E-11 Florida Administrative Code, Food Hygiene

64E-11.012 Florida Administrative Code, Manager Certification

64E-12.004 Florida Administrative Code, Tiers and Catering, effective 1_20_2008

Florida Statutes_Title XXIX 400.141.Administration and management of nursing home facilities, 2018

Understanding the current Food Code from the FDA.

FDA-Food Code-2017

Food Code Change Letter Aug 2018

Understanding the current Dining Standards for long-Term care.

The Role of the Medical Director in Person Directed Care 2010

New Dining Practice Standards from Pioneer Network


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