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1 Hour Safe Food Handling Practices for ALFs


Group rates available, call us at 321-527-5202 for a quote.


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Safe Food Handling Practices (Florida version or General Food Safety version)

This package includes:

  1. eBook Download suitable for printing or learn through video presentation.
  2. Certificate of Completion 
  3. Food From Outside Sources Policy and Guidelines – Our Gift To You! This document presents a policy statement and the guidelines you can put in place to make bringing in and storing foods as safe as possible.

Safe Food Handling Practices teaches the many ways in which foodborne illnesses can be spread throughout a community and what you can do to prevent such outbreaks:

Version 1 applicable to Florida ALFs:

  • Required yearly by March 31st for all food service staff (Florida requirement)
  • Required within 30 days of start of work for new hires (Florida requirement)
  • Florida version meets requirements for Florida Administrative Code 58A-50191-Staff Training Requirements and Competency Test

Version 2 applicable to most states:

  • Based on requirements of the FDA Food Code. (Applicable to most state requirements)

Objectives of training:

  • Explain when to report an illness to the food service manager
  • Describe the policy for cleaning vomit and diarrheal incidents
  • List why elderly people are vulnerable to foodborne illness
  • Demonstrate proper hand washing techniques
  • List techniques to prevent food borne illness
  • Demonstrate the use of a thermometer



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