On the Menu for Today, Pureed Foods that Taste and Look Delicious


The Dining Standards from the Pioneer Network regarding texture-modified diets say that commonly puréed foods like mashed potatoes as well as moist, tender, finely chopped foods work well for and are preferred by many people. However, preparing tasty dishes using finely chopped and pureed foods can be challenging: people are just not used to eating foods prepared in this way.

“Flavor is the intersection of what we taste and smell — it’s important,” notes Ricardo Gomez, Regional Director of Dining Services at Brookdale Senior Living Solutions. “Appearance and texture also have a large influence on our appetite, which is why it’s so essential to get pureed foods right.” I totally agree. We need to remind our chefs to put in the effort to not only create delicious pureed foods, but to make them look fork-worthy, too.

Here is a tip sheet about puréed foods that will help you create appetizing pureed dishes Tip Sheet for Pureed Foods.

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