Covid 19 Bulletin: Weight Loss and Dehydration Risks in Long Term Care

There are many challenges we face during this pandemic but have you considered the threat of weight loss and dehydration due to isolation during meals? The nutrition cost during this time of social distancing is going to be high. How can you manage this risk?

Begin by observing your residents during meal time. I’d like to share a Room Service Audit we developed for our customers to use. Just monitor three residents. It will be an eye-opener for your team as it measures how well you’re doing at balancing infection control with nutrition and person-centered care. I suggest you choose three people who are most susceptible to infection or weight loss due to their dependency for cueing or feeding.

We’ve also developed some resources  you can use if, after conducting your audit, you find you are falling short of your expectations.

In future emails I’d like to showcase some creative and innovative ways for reversing this weight loss and dehydration trend. If you have a great idea you’d like to share, please let me know. You can provide a synopsis of what you’re doing and the results you’re seeing. We’re all in this together and the more we share our knowledge, the better will be our results. Send your solutions to

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