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Room Service Resources for Long Term Care Communities

If there is one thing that contributes more to the quality of life for those living in long term care, it’s the meals.  Serving nutritious food safely with an eye toward hospitality is not only a goal for resident satisfaction, it is a requirement. We have created this page to help you identify any problem areas in your room service and to ensure that you comply with the Agency of Health Care Administration (AHCA) guidelines.

Room Service Audit: A documentation tool used to observe three rooms for an entire meal service. Your goal is to see if proper infection control and person-directed dining procedures are being correctly employed.  Help correct any negative results on audit items designated with a numbered asterisk by using the following corresponding documents.

CMS Infection Control Guidance – This survey tool must be used to investigate compliance at F880 and determine whether the facility is implementing proper infection prevention
and control practices to prevent the development and transmission of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases and infections.

Other Useful Resources

FWE Portable hand sink for remote serving locations

Waiving 3 day hospitalization stay and dealing with ‘daunting dining demands.’

Fight Bac Webinar for washing hands

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Cleaning and disinfecting households for COVID-19

Swapping of food items when you run out

Menu substitution Guide and Chart

Serving Covid 19 Infected Person

Partnership in Food Safety Delivery and Take out

FDA Food Safe Meal Prep Tips

ANFP 10 Tips to maintain successful dining practices during Covid

SDA Webinar Creative Delivery Experiences

Contact national, state, and local associations for additional information.