An Unexpected Way that Your Residents Lose Fluid.

couple wearing snorkel underwater

Dehydration of residents living in long-term care is a constant worry. In a day, a person can lose up to 2.75 cups of water through perspiration and almost 6 cups of fluids through elimination of body waste. But did you know that a person can lose almost 2 cups of water just by breathing? That’s right. A person can lose about 1.9 cups of water just by breathing. When you add that number to the others, a person can lose up to 2500 ml per day or a little over 10.6 cups.

Adequate water is needed on a daily basis to maintain hydration. So what are some effective ways of increasing fluid intake in your residents who are at risk of dehydration? Here’s a free tip sheet on providing water during an emergency.

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