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Food Service Management

Raise the bar – without raising costs.

fruits and money

Are you looking to improve meal satisfaction while staying within budget? Are you and your guests pleased with your menus, or do you find yourself often making substitutions? Do you have successful food safety and sanitation systems with a history of passing inspections?

Got challenges? BSN Solutions can help.

We raise the bar of your food service operation—without raising food costs. BSN Solutions can:

  • Assist with the transformation process to a self -directed dining approach and improve techniques in food preparation to enhance the flavor and visual appeal of your meals.
  • Implement the “food first” concept instead of costly commercial supplements for people who need supplementation to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Provide training in multiple areas including Food Safety requirements for Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code guidelines; and the National Food Protection Manager training & certification.

Balancing food cost and food quality

Cost control is much more than looking at invoices and finding cheaper products. In this era of rising food cost, increased demands for meal choices, and competitive environment, your success depends on maintaining a balance between cost and quality. Our consultants start with the basics and evaluate systems for food purchasing, preparation, and delivery and then provide you with a step-by-step action plan. BSN Solutions will also conduct resident and staff interviews and meal observations to assess the overall dining experience. Allow us to help you nourish the body as well as the soul of the people in your care community by honoring individuality.

Learn how our client, Florida Baptist Retirement Center, successfully balances food cost and quality.


We offer a variety of food safety resources to our clients so that safe food handling and hygienic practices follow the guidance of the FDA Food Code and OSHA requirements. BSN Solutions works with ServSafe and the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP) to provide National Certified Food Protection Managers (CFPM) course, exam and certification.

Customized menus increase client satisfaction

We believe it is essential for seniors to balance healthy eating with enjoyable eating, which in the long run is proven to promote better health. Standardized menus available from major food vendors may not always meet the individual needs of your community’s physical limitations, mission statements and or clientele.

Customized Menus are designed to fit your clients’ preferences as well as meet USDA Dietary Guidelines for “BSN Solutions”. By offering menu options, we help you provide a variety of food choices. This increases client satisfaction while decreasing plate waste.

“Diane’s level of professionalism is superb. She is very knowledgeable and well respected in the field of senior nutrition. BSN Solutions has trained our kitchen staff as well as volunteers in both food safety and sanitary practices. They are always willing to help out.”
– Cindy Flachmeier, CEO, Aging Matters

Food for thought

True or False? More and more state legislatures and courts are refusing to allow the introduction of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines (CPG) as proof of applicable standard of care in a civil lawsuit.

False. More and more courts are allowing the introduction of clinical practice guidelines (CPG) as the standard to which providers are held accountable. “Marshall Kapp, JD, MPH, Nursing Home Culture Change: Legal Apprehensions and Concerns”