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Now, You Can Get a Unique One-Of-A-Kind Guide That Gives You the Tools to Get Ready BEFORE Disaster Strikes - All for Less Than the Cost of a Good Flashlight.

The Inside Scoop on Emergency Readiness is an eBook chocked full of helpful advice, tools and tips to make sure your community is prepared before an emergency occurs and it’s too late. This concise, information-rich resource uses fictionalized characters in a long-term-care community to lead you through the steps you need to consider when preparing for an emergency.
Why Reinvent the Wheel When You Can Get the Tools You Need - RIGHT NOW!
The centerpiece of The Inside Scoop on Emergency Readiness is our Emergency Food and Water Supply Tool, a proprietary inventory spreadsheet that allows you to quickly and easily determine what you have on hand and what you need to order to feed your community in the event of an emergency.
Before you are under the gun in an emergency, why not take advantage of this helpful guidebook that reviews the needs and requirement for emergency preparedness in long-term-care communities and offers many handy tips to make life easier before, during, and after adversity hits.

  • How to make water safe to drink using a strip of paper, a spoon and household bleach.
  • The one thing you should never do with a flashlight.
  • An easy method to make sure you have enough meals for seven days and beyond.
  • A solution that can brighten up meals that is so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it.
  • Seven ways to meet the water requirements for an emergency and stay safe in the process.

We Spent the Time and Money to Compile This Valuable Information So You Don’t Have to. Hours of research went into the creation of The Inside Scoop on Emergency Readiness and the tools within it including the Emergency Food and Water Supply Tool, so that you don't have to spend time and money doing it yourself. You get:

  • The Emergency Food and Water Supply Tool to make inventory a piece of cake.
  • A three-day disaster menu to make meals easier to make during tough times.
  • The Hydration Equation handout to help prevent dehydration.
  • A review of the tools and supplies you will need.
  • References to explore topics in greater detail.

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Let’s face it. Emergencies (and surveyors) happen and you have to be ready for them, so why not get a tool that helps you meet the requirements. To make this offer even better, we will give you our Assessment form for Emergency Preparedness for Nursing Homes or the one for Assessment form for Emergency Preparedness for Assisted Living Facilities an easy-to-use document that rates your readiness for an emergency - FOR FREE.


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