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Hire Diane Hall

Expert guidance in person-centered dining.

Diane Hall is the author of “The Inside Scoop on Informed Choice” and a powerful advocate for the new dining standards that have resulted from the shift in the culture of long term care reflected in the CMS Final Rule regulations. An expert consultant and internationally recognized speaker, Diane brings a lifetime of passion for person-centered dining and packs her presentations with commonsense advice, a keen understanding of dining regulations, and real-world insight earned over nearly 40 years of working with long term care communities.

Diane Hall training

She has been a featured speaker at events for such organizations and companies as:

  • National Pioneer Network
  • Dietitians of Canada
  • American Health Care Symposium
  • Gordon Food Services
  • Healthcare Information Network
  • Association of Assisted Living Facilities
  • Florida Pioneer Network
  • Florida Healthcare Association
  • Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation
  • Florida Ombudsmen Association
  • State of Wisconsin, Division of Quality Assurance

Diane is on the cutting edge of long term nutritional care, earning respect in her field by staying current on changing federal and state regulations. She is well-versed in a variety of topics including:

  • Person-Centered Dining Practices
  • Care Planning
  • Regulations & Dining Standards
  • Core Components of a Performance Improvement Program (QAPI)
  • Implementing Self-directed Dining through the Care Plan Process

She is a Voice for Choice, having served as Chair of the Florida Pioneer Network and as a member of the National Pioneer Network’s Dining Practice Standards Task Force and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She has also been the president of Florida Dietetics in Health Care Communities, a Board Member of East Central Alzheimer’s Association & Brevard Community Services Council as well as holding many strategic positions within the Florida Health Care Association.



Diane can come to your community and present half-day and full-day workshops on a variety of subjects:

  • Transitioning into person-centered dining
  • Implementing QAPI solutions
  • The benefits of using real food first instead of supplements
  • How to safely bring in food from outside sources
  • And many other dining related subjects

Speaking Engagements

If you would like to hire Diane to speak at your next event to be “The One They’re Talking About,” call 321-527-5202 or email us at info@BSNSolutions.net.

“Diane is always available for me and very supportive. She is a very knowledgeable resource on Senior nutrition and has often been a guest speaker providing valuable information to the community.”

– – Richard Rosell, Manager, Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation



  • Pioneer Network: Changing the Culture of Diets
  • Dietitians of Canada: From a Different Point of View
  • FHCA Best Practices 2018 Showcase


  • State of Wisconsin, Division of Quality Assurance “FOCUS” Conference – November 2017 –
    “I Want My Cake and Eat It, Too: How to Safely Individualize Diets in LTC”
  • The Pioneer Network National Conference – August 2017 – “Three Meals a Day – The Person-Centered Way” with Bill Lutz, Optimum Solutions
  • Gordon Food Service Healthcare Symposium – April 2017 – “Clearing the Path for Self-Directed Dining”


  • Florida Health Care Association 2016 Annual Conference – August 2016 – “Culture Change Showcase: Open Dining and Holistic Caregivers”
  • The Pioneer Network National Conference – August 2016 – “The Role of the Physician & Other Members of the Team When Planning Person-centered Care”


  • American Health Care Symposium – May 2015 – “Making Choice a Reality in LTC”
  • BSN Solutions (sponsored seminar) – May 2015 – “Diet Liberalization and Real Food First”
  • Florida Health Care Association – March 2015 – Webinar: Liberalizing Diets
  • Healthcare Information Network – March 2015 – Webinar: Informed Choice, QAPI and Dining Standards
  • The Pioneer Network National Conference – August 2015- “Launching a Food First Initiative”
  • Healthcare Information Network – November – December 2015 – 12 distinct workshops reaching 225 LTC communities in NE United States – “Diet Liberalization & Real Food First – Are You Complying with Current Standards of Practice in LTC Dining?”


  • The Pioneer Network National Conference – August 2014 – “Using the New Dining Standards”
  • Florida Health Care Association – July 2014 – “A Reason to Celebrate! How You Can Reduce Costs Using the QAPI Approach
  • Florida Ombudsmen Association – November 2014 – “Dining Standards and Menus”
  • Association of Assisted Living Facilities (Florida) – July 2014 – “The Future in Honoring Choice in LTC”
  • Florida Health Care Association Webinar – May 2014 – “Simplifying Diet Liberalization”
  • Florida Health Care Association – numerous presentations to districts – 2014 – “The New Dining Standards”
  • Association of Assisted Living Facilities (Florida) – August 2014 – “Back to Basics- Improved Customer Satisfaction & Clinical Outcomes Using Real Food First”