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Elevate Your Dining Program

Stand out from the crowd.

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Put hospitality principles to work for your senior food and dining program

The hospitality industry has always striven for customer satisfaction. It’s the key to their success. The long-term care industry has always focused first on providing positive health outcomes. But times have changed with the baby boomer generation entering care communities. Their expectations are higher and successful long-term care providers must adopt a hospitality mindset to ensure resident satisfaction.

If you are not sure where to start in raising the bar of your food service, we can help.

Our dining service evaluations, nutritional assessments and consultations focus on person-centered dining experiences that exceed the new regulatory requirements and offer our nursing home, CCRC and assisted living customers a competitive edge. You want to ensure that your residents thrive in your care and honoring their choices within the boundaries of balanced nutritional support results in enhanced wellbeing for them and a strong bottom line for you.

We begin by identifying the underlying causes of individual nutrition issues and resident complaints and provide simple and cost-effective solutions that always focus on resident satisfaction.

Keeping your food costs in line while providing nutritionally-sound and appealing meals is like balancing on a tightrope.

Fortunately, BSN Solutions Food Service Management can help you find the perfect balance in an era of decreased reimbursement and rising cost.

Let’s face it. Customer satisfaction starts with memorable meals.

Food is at the heart of any senior housing community. BSN Solutions offers a selection of highly rated menu packages for ALFs and customizes vendor menus for nursing homes to create meals your senior living residents will rave about. Eliminating food service complaints enhances your ratings and makes your community more appealing to potential customers.

Put our knowledge and resources to work for you.
Have questions or don’t know where to start?  Schedule a complimentary consultation with a nutrition and hospitality expert.

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