Avian flu and the skyrocketing costs of eggs hit long-term care.

Over the past couple of blogs, we have been talking about being prepared for emergencies because you just never know when something will happen that you don’t anticipate. Take the recent Avian flu epidemic sweeping across the Midwest and decimating the poultry population. In order to prepare for the upcoming shortages and sky-high prices of eggs coming in the near future, we have come up with a list of cost-effective protein replacements for eggs.

Not Eggsactly: Free Protein Replacement Menu to Replace One Serving of Egg.

1 Egg = 1 Ounce Meat = 7 Grams ProteinPudding with strawberries shutterstock_180108638

Here are some suggestions to replace 1 egg serving on the menus:
4 oz Greek yogurt (fruit)
4 oz cottage cheese (fruit)

1 oz salmon (bagel)
½ cup black beans (with ½ oz shredded cheese in tortilla)
2 Tbsp peanut butter (with toast)

1 cup quinoa (top with honey and berries)
1 oz sausage (serve with muffin or toast)

2 sl French toast

We might also suggest a Homemade Protein Bar (oatmeal, peanut butter and banana flavor should be well accepted at breakfast)

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